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The Filter Collector Universal includes the standard Filter Collector as well as a Universal Fixing Kit. The Kit includes a 30cm flexible pipe, a hose tail, back nut, rubber sealing washer, and a flat bit for cutting the necessary entry point in the tank wall.

Filter is made from a stainless steel self-cleaning mesh. Fits standard domestic 68mm and 65mm downpipes and 4-inch/100mm round down pipes.

The Filter Collector Universal is compatible with any 3P or other tank of up to 7 mm wall thickness with a lid or other access point which allows one to reach into the tank to tighten the back nut to the hose tail.

This provides a water-tight seal which allows the filter to act as the overflow point.


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EL9689 Rainwater Filter Collector 100m2

Product Code 2000840U