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Rainwater filter for installation in rainwater tanks. Two step cleaning system. The first coarse filter mesh protects the second, finer mesh by removing larger leaves and particles.

Self cleaning, low maintenance, depending on the contamination. Cleaning frequency depends upon the solids loading in the incoming rainwater. We recommend twice yearly inspections.

Connection capacity for roof areas up to 200 m².

All connections DN 100. (110mm OD) drain pipe sockets.

Height difference of 117 mm between rainwater inlet and waste water outlet.

Mesh size of filter cartridge 0.7 x 1.7 mm.

The cleaned water can be used in washing machines, toilet flushing and garden watering, in homes, in commerce, in public buildings and in industry.


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EL9690 Rainwater Filter Zisternen 200m2

Product Code 1000400BK